New Tournament Box

So after a few tournaments with my Magnetised tray which I love, I discovered have was still having lots of random bits in my hands, from clocks to pens to other odds and sods, so decided to look at options to go 1 bigger and try and have a box that had everything that I used for a tournament in, Models, clock, widgets, tokens and anything else i could think of, I based this off a Really Useful Box 9 Litre as it was a good solid start point for the design.

And then created inserts that took models, widgets, tokens and the rest of the items anyone might need for gaming, and ended up a complete a storage solution as I could think of. Myself and local friend Alex used them at the Guild Ball UK Championships last weekend and they worked very well.

So what is there for this box internal wise

Model Storage, which will storage 4 50mm, 8 40 mm and 20 30 mm based models.
2 Token Trays (I use one for stuff I need pre game and 1 for during game like Conditions etc)
2 Widget Trays for Measurement Sticks, Melee Zone markers, and scatter templates.
1 Box for Clock (customisable to clock fits tightly in it)#

And a quick build video (also shows off all the parts in just made form.

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