Tournament Trays

Well over the past 4 months I been building up items that i cut via my Laser Cutter, brought back in December. To start with mostly stuff for myself and local friends (Mob Football Tokens, widgets and other items). Right now I created 3 size tournament trays from the small one which is great to to fit some models on and 18 slots for tokens underneath, but no room for widgets etc, while the biggest design as slots for 21 sets of tokens and lots of space for widgets. The last design is a balance between the 2, but fits into the bottom of one of the more popular transport cases for armies, replacing one 1/4 depth half size foam. The plan with these are that they be sold on Etsy additionally but long term they may appear on a store on this site, but for now Etsy’s allows me to start selling them now and we see where we are in 6 months time.

So this is the lid and the bottom of the Large design, as you can see will take a 10″ widget in the storage section, along with plenty of space for any tokens and with the model tray configuration up to 13 models, (there a few layouts setup for this to give people options)

So the Different layouts for models look like

To you got options for extra 50mm and 40mm depending what sort of teams, crews you use, All the larger slots also are cut with rings for small bases in as well, so you got plenty of options to make it work.

The Small Tournament tray is great if you just want something to hold your tokens and models for games.

Again there a few options for layouts for the top to give yo a few options

Again all the larger slots will also be cut to take the smaller bases with rings as fillers.
On top of the trays with token storage with I done a thin flat tray which was requested by a friend, which is great if you already got token storage that you like and not looking to replace it, it does have space for 3 plot cards to slot in the back so during games you can keep your cards in easy view.

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