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Ok so at present i making a point of trying to keep the numbers of games down to a managable level, so I made a decision that for the next 6 months I going to play just 3 games

Malifaux – I play guild, going to try and play only a few masters and start getting my head round the game system. So at present I think i going to play Nellie and Lady Justice, with maybe a bit of Sonnia. But Right now I got 2 tables sorted for the game, one which is transportable and one which really isn’t, amazing how much Hirst Art Mold flooring and bricks add to weight of items. Will do some photos of the board sooner.


Guild Ball – I love this game, I am a pundit for Steamforged and love the style and pace. I am at nationals in October and Steamcon in November. I going to play 2 guilds for the next 6 months, Morticians and Alchemists (which I playing in the Local Big League). Not sure which I going to take to Nationals but it will be one of those 2 teams.


Warmachine – Ok MK3 brought some enjoyment back for me, but the issue is with just how competitively driven the local meta is becoming. I play games first for fun, secondly for competition and right now I struggle to want to go to tournaments locally because of the 2 or 3 players I just don’t want to deal with. Maybe this will change but right now I am not sure what I going to do about that.

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