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Who am I. Well a gamer of well over 20 years. Who of late started doing some items to for locals and myself in the way of vinyl mats and other other accessories for Wargaming. So I decided to start offering these to the wider community. So first stage is this blog, there will be a store and other bits coming going forward.

So vinyl mats right now that are designed include Guildball and Malifaux, along with some plain generic ones. But what do mine offer over other options out there. Well I suppose the big one is price, I offering them at a low price, the material isn’t a nice as the neoprene backed ones but at 1/3 to 1/2 the price I find is great. I just supplied 8 mats for the local club for tournament running of Guildball, which if we gone down the Neoprene mats would have cost us over £200, which these mat’s cost less than £60 for the same number. Hopefully others will like them and decide to give them ago.

Grass Pitch  Cobblestone Blood Soak Pitch



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